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Shola Comments
Don't know imagine a lot will do with endorsements and such that will be inaccessible if they don't play in the CL or for a big club.

Like I imagine Alexis Sanchez probably has a much larger profile than if he for example went to PSG straight from Udinese, rather than playing for Barcelona or Arsenal. (Although I maybe ignorant about PSG's reach these days)

A quick glance on Twitter shows Sanchez is on 1.95m followers compared to Pastrore 1m and Verrati 200k followers - and likewise the Arsenal twitter has 9m followers compared to PSG's 4m. I'd imagine this is important to footballers and agents when sorting out where footballers want to play football.
Yeah but competing in the Champion's League would get in the way of their ultimate goal of qualifying for the Champion's League.

In fairness the likes of Ozil and Sanchez will only come if they can get CL football....

So y'know, if Simeone/Benitez/Tuchel lands lets say Rakitic and Morata next year rather than their Europa League equivalents. And snarky people talk about how new guy has taken Arsenal to the next level, (but also relying on Wenger delivering a fairly consistent level of success)
Kante made Huth and Morgan a good centre half pairing - and made Drinkwater look much better.

He's incredible.

We didn't vote for Brexit, so Eurotrash can talk in KG.
I'm not happy with the results, lose tomorrow and we'll be right back in the mire. Our wage budget is probably bigger than Reading, Leeds and Huddersfield combined.

The performances have usually been dreadful, the tactics awful, and the players seem to be getting worse. He squandered £55m in the Summer - and seems to mismanage the playing staff awfully.(Leaving Sels in has probably done him a lot of harm), (Hate to be that guy but maybe if you didn't buy Hanley, Sels, Lazaar, Gamez and Murphy - you could have afforded someone in January)

And strange decisions, Ameobi is back in the team now? Why did he loan him out? Has he brought him back in an attempt to prove a point about how little he has been backed? Or did he want to get rid of a player he hadn't actually see play, because he wants his own signings?

Not really, we've not been doing too bad in the league.

I'm more concerned about what happens at the end of the season if we don't back him properly.

We've been shite. Bar the odd 20 minutes here and there.
Alarmed with Benitez' post match comments about how he 'doesn't know' why we didnt sign anybody and that he's dissapointed.

Be the biggest mistake of all Ashley's huge monumental mistakes if he lets Benitez slip through his fingers

Or Benitez is making excuses to cover his own bad decisions?

Though Ritchie was the fucking worst of them
Feel like in the summer Villa will sign Chris Martin for £8m, Rhodes to Derby for £9m and McCormack to Forrest for £6m. None of the clubs will be improved any.

Huddersfield, Brighton and Leeds the three outstanding Championship teams seem to have avoided this trap.

Looks increasingly like Townsend is coming back. Which is good.
F365 always bang on about about how nearly promoted sides - always focus on attack too much - and don't look to spend big money on defenders - When clean sheets tend to be the best way to stay up.

Championship sides seem to be really bad at this; Spend £7-12m on a forward and results never seem to pick up too much;

Like Villa and Derby seem addicted to buying striker for around £8m. Villa could soon have Ayew, Hogan, McCormack and Kodija
Rafa had no choice to put out the reserves!!!! Unlike the previous clowns / yes men who put out disgraceful teams against joke clubs like Watford who also finished above Newcastle

2ColocciniSubstituted forLascellesat 45'minutes
24TiotéBooked at 37minsSubstituted forde Jongat 82'minutes
43MbabuSubstituted forThauvinat 52'minutes

27TaylorBooked at 69mins
7SissokoSubstituted forRemyat 85'minutes
9CisséSubstituted forAmeobiat 85'minutes
10Ben ArfaBooked at 90mins
11GouffranSubstituted forObertanat 63'minutes
Knocked out by Mike Phelan's Hull and Oxford - I'm glad the Chronicle keep telling me how football man Benitez has brought back cup runs to Newcastle!
Reserves in the cup. Brilliant.

The local media praising Benitez for this, ffs.
Love Big Daz - really enjoyed his performance - as a focal point I think those around him really benefit from him. Perez was actually good today - I think he might just have no idea what to do when he's with Gayle. Hayden was much improved - didn't try and overplay. Shelvey was very good in the second half after a poor first half.

Just wish we would play with more attacking intent from the start - Yedlin was superb for the third, but doesn't really attack like that at 0-0.
Wonder if people will praise Rafa for his tactics today after the injuries seen as he's been receiving an absolute hammering from people that apparently know a lot more?

Were his tactics not exactly the same as they've always been? - 4-4-1-1? Obviously didn't see the game. I'm absolutely ecstatic we actually put in a cross with a big lad who headed it in. Very little of that this season.

Disgusting that a manager's tactics have been questioned imo. I've literally never seen criticism of a manager ever before, think this is the first time ever.
“I have done my research on the teams relegated in the last few years.
“In 2011/12 nobody that got relegated came straight back up. In 2012/13 nobody came straight back up automatically out of the three relegated.
“One (QPR) came up in the play-off and the next season (2014/15) one in the play-off (Norwich).
“After that one came up automatically (Burnley) and one (Hull) in the play-off, so it’s not easy.

Good that he's done his research. Can't half arse the excuse preparation.
WE'RE NOT PLAYING 4-4-1-1!!!!!!!
Big Mike giving us an additional £33m.

Its a weird one all told. Its an easy excuse but the performance against Wednesday was bad. Yesterday was as much the issue of nobody stepping up to get goals when Gayle was effectively muted, but the midfield was still pants going forward. But it goes back to stuff I wondered earlier in the campaign about not asserting ourselves during games. Clearly we haven't learned.

Strangely its been pointed out that at this point in 2009/10, we had 52 points and were 6 points clear of the team in third - on those two stats, its identical this time around. Only this time we're winning a shitload - more wins than anyone else in the division - but guilty of being shit when going behind, and there's also stronger competitors. Brighton are probably going to win the league, and the likes of Reading, Huddersfield and Leeds are providing a stronger challenge than I thought they would. Certainly its a stronger league than it was 7 seasons ago.

It's the tactics though. The players aren't supposed to go forward

Also seriously worried about the 'ambition' around the club - people genuinely upset about only finishing 10th now seemed to be resigned to being unable to compete with Brighton

Also reckon last time was loads harder - WBA immediately set themselves up in midtable along with us, and Nottm Forest went on a crazy winning/unbeaten streak.
I don't think we're as sure a bet as everyone thinks. We're winning lots of matches, but we're losing games we need to draw, and we're way too cautious in certain games. We seem unable to respond to going behind, as if we lack the something Brighton has, and our back-up options are not working. This pair of defeats to Wednesday and Blackburn is a hefty slap in the face, and the teams below us all winning is a worry. Couldn't care about the title - avoiding the fucking play-offs is the must.

We're going to have to make signings. Especially in midfield - Hayden & Colback lack creativity as a duo, Shelvey is still banned, Diame and Atsu are off to ACON, Perez isn't looking the answer, Ritchie has gone off the boil.

So. Yeah. Happy New Year.

This was all relevant when we were winning games - We were just lucky to eke them games out with no one really paying attention.

The Shelvey thing is an easy excuse - no other team has a 'creative' midfielder and goals still happen. We need pressure - which we rarely provide. No real pressing, no bombardment of the box, no one willing to beat a man - very little through balls or crosses, CM's rarely getting into the box, Wingers not holding width, and full backs never overlapping. And never any substitutions.

Why not consider Bradley?

And are the 'Americans' even doing anything differently to what Jenkins has been doing for years?

They sold Gomis / Ayew / Williams in the summer seems to be the big problem? - but they've been doing that for years - they're luck was going to run out eventually.

Also think Monk and then last year Guidolin steered them to much higher positions than they actually 'deserved'
Very concerned we're shit - like 90% of the time I've seen Newcastle this season...... like yeah maybe better than Brentford but like we'd get beat 9-0 off Burnley or Boro

Isaac Hayden would be up there with the Des Hamilton's of the world if he was signed by Dalglish/Souness or someone less popular.
I feel damn dirty watching that.

Shame we conceded that goal in the end and missed a few chances otherwise we could have given that cunt the twatting he deserves.

Are you finally willing to admit he's good?
Not saying it's not the case, but why would Wolves be bothered about trying to derail Newcastle's promotion push? They're 18th, and you're gonna go up anyway, no matter what.

All Championship clubs and the FA live to hinder the Rafalution. As they are haters.
Seemed inevitable - though leaves Palace in a much better place than where he found them

Allardyce (or whoever) should keep Palace up with ease - especially a defensive minded coach as Dann and Tomkins have looked like jokes whenever I've seen them this season. Sort them out, get Townsend and Benteke firing and they should be up by 12th with no bother.
From the Newcastle Evening Chronicle

There is something rank rotten about this affair: We do not know either the name of his accuser or what it is that Shelvey is alleged to have said, and it seems that Wolverhampton Wanderers will stoop to any level to try and derail Newcastle's promotion push.

The irony is that whatever Shelvey did or did not say, the fact is that he'd have been better off jumping in on the bloke with both feet and smashing his ankle. It is amazing how the FA has done sweet FA for decades about paedophile rings in football, yet something supposedly said, if indeed it was said, in the heat of the moment attracts a 5 match ban. The entire episode stinks to high heavens and reeks of hypocrisy.

This 100%

Bring Andros home.
Was at the Newcastle game the weekend (mate's birthday, so went over for the game and weekend up in Newcastle). Blues were shocking, so many basic mistakes, none of the Newcastle goals were brilliant, just people standing still and not tracking their marker.

Shocking decision to sack Rowett.

That was by far the best Newcastle have played all season. - Birmingham were ropey at the back - but no worse than a lot of the 'better' sides of this division.

Thought the fans were cunty though - Sarcastic cheering like it's Steve Kean era Blackburn or something
Excellent performance today - best of the season by a mile - a change of tactics and on the front foot

Isaac Hayden looked like a proper footballer today, Diame with one of the most amazing first half's, Shelvey showing his genuine class, and Gayle just standing a yard out putting the ball in.

The Forest game has really got me up for this season.
Referee dropped this weekened too.

Poe, have you been to many away games this season?