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LukeyC Comments
Just catching up with your story, the end of last season must have been frustrating - looking much better going into the end of this season with your new team though. Good luck, keep it up for that final push mate!
September 2018

Championship - Fixture 6


A brilliant result here, 3-0 away win is exactly the kind of scoreline I'm after! Pretty even possession wise, but we took our chances.


With the international break leaving us without a fixture, I decided to arrange a friendly to keep my players who weren't on international duty fit since we didn't have a large amount of players away. This came with the benefit of £100k profit and a nice morale boost given the result.


Championship - Fixture 7


A very even game in general, and perhaps I have goalkeeper Randolph to thank for the 3 points, making 6 important saves. A good away result again.

Championship - Fixture 8


A dominant performance from both wingers, in particular Van La Parra the loanee. We're on a good run at the moment and another large win will help wonders.

Championship - Fixture 9


We were perhaps unlucky not to win by more, but in the end needed a late penalty to snag us the 3 points against a good Swansea side.

Carabou Cup - Third Round


We dominated possession but couldn't make it count, and to make it worse had a player sent off with half an hour left. Not too disappointed to go out of the cup to a Premier League team and this is only our first loss in almost 2 months.

Championship - Fixture 10


A dominant away performance, and another great game for Marcus Tavernier who is really starting to hit some good form.


Ending the month 1st on Goal Difference, a very successful month overall. We have scored 30 goals in 10 league games, and although we have conceded 12, it's hard to lose points when you're averaging 3 goals a game.

League Overview | Clubs

League Overview | Players

Awards | Player of the Month

Awards | Young Player of the Month

A Look Ahead



A nice start to the season, and minimal injuries going into October.
Some tough fixtures at the start of the new season there! Looks like you're picking up some good results though, good luck for the rest of the season
Nice work on winning the cup, and a respectable league position given where you started. Hopefully the couple transfers will help you out for the next season. Good luck!
No worries mate, there's always someone on the forum that can help with anything.

Where oh where did that 9 goal win come from?!? West Brom must have been absolutely abysmal all over the pitch!

Good update, keep it up.

Cheers! I have no idea where the 9 goal thumping came from, but yeah they were absolutely shocking. I don't think I'll see any more games like that this season!

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August 2018

Championship | Fixture 1


(Skip to the bottom if you just want the months results summary) Millwall Away. Not an easy first game to the season, especially with various new recruits still gelling together. I have gone into my Middlesbrough career with a loss straight off the bat. It was a close game, and kind of annoyingly, we spent 83 minutes in the lead, compared to them spending 1 minute in the lead! Lost focus late on and it cost us.

Championship | Fixture 2


Our first home game and we've held a strong Sheffield United team to a 0-0 draw. A bit unlucky perhaps, as their keeper saved all 11 of our shots on target. Assombalonga didn't have a great game and failed to take his chances though. I am eagerly awaiting my other 2 strikers to come back from injury to change things up in attack when in these kind of situations.

Championship | Fixture 3


A loss, a draw, and finally a win! We dominated Birmingham in general despite needing a 92nd minute winner from Lewis Wing. New signing Bidwell got an assist and put in a man of the match performance at Left Back.

Carabao Cup | 1st Round


We nearly had an upset in what should have been a routine cup win here. George Friend received his marching orders in the 2nd minute of added time in the first half, but we managed to hold on (just) to see Crewe off with 10 men to go through to the next round. A brace from your centre back is always enjoyable.

Championship | Fixture 4


An away win still eludes us, as despite doing slightly better with possession and the amount of shots, an early double from City was enough to limit us to a draw.

Championship | Fixture 5


Wow, I have no idea where that came from but my attackers must have had their wheatabix in the morning. Poor Sam Johnstone making 11 saves and still conceding 9. I await "random" drug testing on Jonny Howson shortly.

Unsurprisingly, we broke the record for highest scoring game.


Carabao Cup | Second Round


Interesting that I get drawn in the cup against my supported team. I took the opportunity to rest some of my players, as well as to start some players that are returning from injury and are in need of match sharpness. John Obi Mikel and Paddy McNair made their returns to first team football with the latter playing a pivotal part in the game. A close game still, and we have only managed to keep 1 clean sheet in 7 competitive games. On the other hand, we have scored 20 goals in those 7 games.

A fairly mixed month of results, but in general a start that I am happy with.


8th in the League, but it is still very early in the season.

League Overview | Clubs

League Overview | Players

Awards | Player of the month

Awards | Young Player of the month


We have some tough fixtures coming up next month, so hopefully we can start to tighten up at the back.


We've had 4 players return from injury recently, and another 3 returning shortly so that should be helpful going into September.

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Good to see you've figured out how to import images mate.

Nice update, hope the good form from pre season carries on into the season proper

Thanks mate, cheers for the help as well - it turns out I was making a silly mistake with the images
Congratulations on the Champions league win! Seems like your squad is finding its rhythm now, I expect big things next season
Pre-Season 2018/2019



Adam Ounas | Loan from Napoli | Right Winger - Can play as left winger if required |

We didn't have bundles of quality at right wing, and with a limited transfer budget a loan for the season seemed like the best choice for this position. We only have to pay £37.5k of Adams £125k wages p/m so I'm pretty happy with this deal.


Jake Bidwell | £2m (+ £1.2m after 50 games) from QPR | Left Back |

Our squad depth for the left-back position was shocking, with only aging captain George Friend really able to play there competitively. Jake Bidwell looks to have the quality for me to rotate with George. He is also a natural in the Wing-Back duty as Left Back which fits into my tactical style nicely.


Marc Navarro | Loan from Watford | Right Back / Right Winger |

Navarro will provide much needed cover/rotation at Right Back for Ryan Shotton, and can also play well as a Right Winger if needed.


Nabil Jaadi | Free Transfer | Left Winger |

Not huge amounts of quality here, but he was available on a free transfer and can feature nicely as backup / emergency cover on the left wing.


Bozhidar Kraev | £750k (+ £2m after 50 games) from Fc Midtjylland | AMC |

Will provide rotation in the Shadow Striker role I employ for my AMC's.


Jordan Thorniley | £4m (+ £5.75m after 50 games) from Sheffield Wednesday | Centre Back |

After Burnley came knocking for Ayala for £10m and Ayala wanting to leave, I needed to replace him at CB. Jordan seems like a good fairly young option with room to improve. He fits in as a Ball Playing Defender as well which suits me tactically.


Joel Perreira | £2m from Man United | Goalkeeper |

This transfer won't go through until the start of next season, as Joel is currently on Loan at Belgian side Kv Kortrijk. However at 22 and both my Goalkeepers being 31 and 34, £2m for a promising keeper sounds like a steal.





No complaints from me about our pre-season, some decent results and much needed match sharpness for the season ahead. I'm quite happy with the deals I have made given the resources at my disposal and the ransacking of my best CB.
Good start to the season so far! Best of luck in the final
Good luck, from a Newcastle fan

Thank you, best of luck in your Flying Scotsman save I'm new here btw, how did you get the screenshots to show the way they do in your story? My embedding doesn't seem to be working for all my photos...

P.S I would like to point out that I'm not a Middlesbrough fan, I just thought it would be a fun save for a change!
Middlesbrough spent the majority of the Noughties in the top flight of English football, finishing around mid-table until their relegation to the Championship towards the end of the decade. They have largely remained there since, barring an unsuccessful return to the Premier League in the 2016-17 season.

My goal is to take them back to the Premier League, and eventually to glory unseen before at the club.

I will be focusing largely on player development and bringing younger players in when possible, however a limited transfer budget and wage budget may reduce me to player development and relying on a couple experienced loan players for the time being.

The Inherited Squad


The Financial Situation


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