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StevoRobbo Comments
Yep ive just started a game with the new database on FM19 and Maguire is at Leicester. All the other transfers are fine from what I can see (Ighalo, Rojo, AWB and James from the start of the season). Just Maguire back at Leicester for some reason.

Brandon Williams needs an upgrade. Not even good enough for the reserves in my save (CA 84???)
Doesnt matter. its now working. Thank you

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Just download the new one for FM17.

From where?

Doesnt matter ive found it. Maybe make a link to it on the main page or put a link here for the time being. There is no obvious secton for FM17 downloads as of yet :-)

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Will this file work with the Beta for now until official one is released?

Try it and let us know
Does this have promotions and relegations for the new season, and teams in correct competitions?
Not all wages are disclosed when a player is transferred, in this situation we assume the player is on the same wages as before.

To combat this, we can make the game set the wage based on the clubs "average" wage budget by setting the players waye as £0 in our update, neither of the two will be realistic, its just the way it is.

Could you not just come up with a realistic figure then? Or maybe in the Southampton case give him around the same wage as Clyne currently has seeing as he is more than likely going to be his replacement? Somthing must be better than how it currently is. A (most probably) starting Premier League right back in a top 10 team thats just been bought only on £4k a week? Should be around £15-25k IMO, Even at £15k its a lot more realistic.

Obviously the database is massive with thousands of transfers but on the occasion where an educated guess could be applied, I think that would be the way to go rather than wages massively out of proportion. Not every tom, dick or harry but the few of you that confirm the transfers. Us users could suggest a wage with the transfer. If you dont know much about the league then fair enough, either take the suggestion, or leave it like you currently do, but for the more well known leagues and transfers I dont think an educated guess would do any harm. Certainly better than having players £15-30k a week (in most cases) away from their probable wage.

Edit: Case in point. The previous post calls for a clause to be removed because its unrealistic to have that clause at his new club. Obviously thats been thought about and agree'd and its going to be removed, which is correct and more than justifyable. Is it not unrealistic for a newly bought Premier League player which has been bought more than likely to start games to only be on £4k a week? Some of their U-21 players that havent kicked a first team ball yet will be on more than that surely?

We can all accept that not everything in the update is going to be spot on. Neither is the official database. But a bit of common sense could be applied a bit more often especially with big things like wages which obviously affect the games for better or worse with regards to budgets. For Southampton its great. Brand new player only on £4k a week so still got £X to play with in the kitty.

So just something to have a think about maybe. KUTGW (Just seen van der Vaart has been dropped to £42k a week. Thats more like it )

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Does anybody even check the wages these players are gonna be on before they confirm the transfer? Its like all your doing is changing the teams and length of contract and not changing the wages. Some very unrealistic ones in here. Southamptons new right back only on £4k a week? Juanmi only on £10k a week, van der vaart £93k a week?
I dont believe van der Vaart should be on £93k a week at Real Betis. They are a newly promoted team and I dont think they would be paying anywhere near that much in wages. Apparently the club said he would need to take a big pay cut to join them, plus the fact he wanted to be closer to his grandmother. Even if his wage has been changed, I dont think a move to £93k a week is a significant enough drop given the situation.
Is Van der Vaart really on £93k a week at Betis? Newly promoted taking a player that by his own admition has been crap for the last 2 years and paying that much? Or is this just a carry over from his Hamburg contract and it hasnt been changed?

Edit: It appears the main stumbling block over him signing was his wages, as Betis made it clear he would need to take a big pay cut to join them, but he wanted to join to be cloder to his grandmother.

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Great. Thank you


Here's a link regarding Rooney's contract just as a bit of proof to back up what ive said. Contract Article

The new deal involves a basic wage of £250,000 a week, but with commercial rights making it more lucrative for the player, up to £300,000.

Above quote taken from the article.

Thank you for listening to my suggestions

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Glad to see you back Minsterman. I remember using your updates quite a few years back and they was always quality

One thing I would like to request is that you remove the match highest earner clauses from Van Persie's and Rooney's contracts.

There is no suggestion anywhere when signing Van Persie that Rooney had this clause in his contract. Its pure speculation from the United researcher and clauses like this kill the game. Especially when that kind of wage is involved. Same goes for Van Persie requesting this clause in his contract when he signed. Its silly. So imo they both should be removed.

Researchers shouldnt be allowed to add such clauses to real life players as its pure speculation. Having the option for the user to include in contract negotiations is great when they are conducting them themselves, but a researcher does not have access to a contract detail this importand and shouldnt just be allowed to guess and throw clauses in willy nilly but thats another argument.

Also Rooney being on 300k p/w is wrong as far as I know. When he signed his new contract, apparently it was just a raise in his image rights which bumped his contract up, not his basic wage. So his wage should be put back to the 220k p/w or whatever it was prior to his new contract. I'll try my best to find where I read this as proof but ultimately its down to you at the end of the day. Just trying to make it more realistic

Davide Petrucci was released and joined Cluj but that was only confirmed today and you probably know already

Thank you and KUTGW
Why the fuck is Manchester United still in the Champions League, when they finished 7th, while Liverpool FC isn't? Evertyhing else from the Premier League seems alright though.

Your doing something wrong because nobody else has this problem.
The budgets, agreed fees aren't settable via the online editor.

I'll fix the problems you have mentioned though.

Also on the Varela is currently set as being at Madrid on loan in the editor.

Somebody must have set the budgets and agreed fee though. Man Utd do not have a budget of £210m set on any iteration of the official database, and the game doesn't simply make budgets up. Budgets are set from one of the official databases. So somebody must have set it at £210m in the base file. Maybe that would have been ok at the start of the transfer window when we hadn't spent anything, but now we have it really should be changed.

Also somebody must have set Falcao's agreed fee. Because it has been added as a clause to his loan. Again, this must have been changed in the base file. When you add a player on loan, the game doesnt automatically set up an agreed fee. Its been added manually in the editor, and when you do this you can set a fee yourself. So somebody has set it at £139m or whatever it is. Also our wage contribution has been set to pay him £205k p/w so some details of the loan have clearly been set, and the agreed fee has been set wrong.

I downloaded yesterday's update and Varela was still in my reserves and not on loan. Hopefully its fixed now.

Please check out what ive said in the base file. You will be able to change budgets and agreed fee's. Also have a look through other clubs transfer budgets that have been set. If we have £210m after whats already been spent, what do Liverpool have set after having already spent over £100m and Chelsea after spending nearly £100m?
Who finalises these transfers before they are included to the file?

Falcao has a £139m agreed price set for a transfer when it should be between £43.5 - £50m depending on reports.

Also United still have a transfer budget of £210m set which I think is a bit OTT considering what we have already spent.

Varela to Real Madrid Castilla hasn't been done either despite saying it been fixed in a quote above.

Ive only just started a save but if we have a £210m budget after what we have already spent, what do the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool have after they themselves have already spent a fortune?

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Can you please update the portuguese league? Now there are 18 clubs in the first division and Porto bought new players and sell others.


The portuguese league structure isnt being done. Pr0 said on the last page.
Pr0 - just noticed Tim Sherwood is still Spurs manager and Mauricio Pochettino as assistant.

StevoRobbo - I had the same problem but I just selected who I wanted then a message pops up saying players with be registered. hope this clears this up.

Thanks Stuart
Following on from that, I holiday'd the game as I had no registered players. To my surprise I won 4-0. I checked my team and it was practically full strength even though when I tried to play the game myself I had no registered players and couldnt continue.

Does anybody know whats going on?
Playing as Man Utd and first season I ended up in the Europa League. Never got any messages of being in this and never got a message about a grooup draw until it was already done. Ive just come to my first game and I have no players registered as I never got a message to register them in the first place. Sorry if this has been mentioned in the previous 11 pages.

Has anybody else had the same problem? And will it rectify for season two for Champions League and Europa League registration?
Did you make any changes to Bebe at Man Utd on his CA and PA? He had an excellent season on loan at Pacos de Ferreira and was even talk in Portugal of him being called up to the national side for the World Cup. I think he's massively undereated in the game, no doubt because of his reputation in England of being a bit of a joke but he had been fantastic since being in Portugal.

I honeslty think if one of the big teams was to lose a star winger this windows i.e. Markovic, the big clubs would have no hesitation in signing Bebe as a replacement and could possibly be valued at around £7-10m.

In my games his PA always seems to be in the 120's which in my opinion is far to low. 140's-150's would be more accurate going off last season for PA with a CA not too far off.

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