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.verse Comments
It'll be OK once Pogba gets moved to LCM.

A little more to it than that.

And yes, I am aware this was said with incredibly sarcastic tone attached.
^ FWIW - Darmain isn't shite, JM just doesn't utilise his strengths in his best position aka wingback. Just as he fails to utilise Pogba effectively and Rashford. Anyone who's seen Pogba clearly knows his best position is at LCM in a three man midfield. Anywhere else and he's simply not as effective. That's what you get with Mourinho though these days. He doesn't want to shift from his seemingly beloved 4231 system and continues to try to play square pegs in round holes.

Thought he'd struggle at United when he joined, so far that's been the case. He'd shown signs of his from the second half of Chelsea's title winning season where we allowed City back into it. Then last season speaks for itself. Throw in the whole negative environment he creates and it's not hard to see why he's only won 9 of his last 30 EPL games (iirc). He looks a shadow of the once bold and innovative manger that first made his mark at Chelsea.
City could have easily scored 4 goals before we got our first. But what a fucking comeback! Costa is just doing so good this season.

Aguero really surprised me there, didn't think he was the type of player that would go in on a tackle like that. Fernandinho stupid as well. Not sure if they will raise Aguero's ban (could maybe to 5 games) but Fernandinho and Cesc should both get 5 games. Especially Fernandinho who went mental.

Hardly surprised by Aguero. He stomped on Luiz a few years ago as a matter of fact. His challenge was awful. Factor in his prior conduct with the elbow he threw earlier in the season, he should be looking at around 5-6 games out I'd imagine.

Also didn't really see anything that Fabregas did exactly? Stream I had showed Fabregas composed and Fernandinho grabbing him by the throat a few times before pushing him back and over the hoarding signs. I'd be surprised if Cesc gets anything more than a 1 game ban. Iheanacho should watch out though, wouldn't be shocked if he cops a ban for trying to fight everyone.

Cracker of a game though.

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Once again it's all about the bells and whistles and little about substance. The game has drifted so far from it's original roots that it's slowly become caught up in the 3D match engine and it's visuals, tedious media interaction, and over complex attention to detail. Essentially, sucking the life from the game and turning it into a full time job to play.

The old "less is more" saying couldn't ring more true.

Disappointing to see a game that I've spent so much time playing continue to push me further and further away with each release.
Am thrilled to have David Luiz back at Chelsea. Didn't want him sold to begin with, but that sort of money made it understandable. He's the sort of ball-playing CB that will allow Conte to be more expansive, while he brings passion, enthusiasm and character on the pitch. Something we've sorely missed the last few years. He's also that right age, that sits between Zouma and Terry and brings leadership. Always felt he'd be the best fit as our next captain to replace JT when the time comes.

Also happy with Marcos Alonso arriving, he's a solid player and been good for Viola.
Sterling has pace and that's where it ends. His control, decision making and execution is woeful at times. England would be better off simply playing Keane and Vardy upfront together.

Also the English commentary that was on the feed I watched was so full of entitlement it was beyond a joke.
Amazed at how bad Evra is now, got skinned all game against whichever opponent tried to take him on, fell asleep defensively at every corner and then gave away a penalty.

He's not THAT bad if you've ever watched him at Juve since joining. However, he's managed a lot better at club level compared to international. Most times he'd have been taken off after 60 minutes or so. You'll find because that won't happen at NT level he'll be exploited more towards the back end of games as he tires, which is understandable as a 35 year old.
He's what, 29? While he has less years of professional football on his body than most top players his age he's still up there in age, not surprising that he's taking what will probably be the only opportunity he'll ever get to join a top club.

I'm actually more surprised that a top club wants to sign him.

I'm surprised mostly that it's Arsenal that want him.

Vardy has excelled in a two forward counter attacking side. Arsenal play a lone forward and intricate possession football, which is completely against the grain with where Vardy's strength lie. Square peg in a round hole, unless Wenger has all of a sudden decided to change the way his team plays.
I think Drinkwater is a little stiff. With the way England lack defensively, not having that extra protective player could backfire, particularly if injuries or suspensions hit and mean Dier has to move to CB.

It's easier to justify taking the cocks that are Wilshire and Sturridge when there's plenty of cover for their position if they do happen to break down.
And obviously the Mourinho to Valencia / Inter rumours etc. suggest that the deal wan't done from Man Utd's perspective.

You'll probably find that it was Mourinho's people bringing that up to keep his name and relevance out there. As much as Mourinho has done for Chelsea, and as much as I like the man, he's very much someone who likes the attention to inflate the ego he has.

What I am curious to see is what happens when things go pear shaped, when decisions don't go his way etc. Will the media jump on him and United like they have done Chelsea over the years, or will being at Man Utd buy him extra slack.
Can't say I'm surprised by the move, he's been wanting this job for quite a while. I'd even go as far as saying that had Chelsea not offered him the chance to return, he'd have taken the United job around that same period.

Mourinho will probably have some instant success as usual, but I predict things will progressively go south sooner or later. Can't see him being at United for any longer than 3 seasons. His media handling and antics will no doubt displease a lot and will drag the club down, while also creating a divide with certain players. The squad is probably the weakest squad he's taken control of since Porto and there aren't many "Mourinho type" players to work with. Will be very interesting to see what unfolds over time, that's for sure.
Terry re-signs, excellent news and finally a little sense on behalf of the club.
And? He's coming back to full fitness and is our best midfielder. I for one would rather see a player who doesn't chase his first touch round the pitch like Wilshere than someone like Noble/Milner/Henderson who have developed their stamina that way. The three main men in midfield should be Dier, Alli & Wilshere, there's no doubts about it.

I think the point is that he's played 131 minutes of football this season, regardless of his ability or not. He's extremely undercooked and just as likely to break down once again as he is to play 90 minutes.

If anything, he should just be played from the bench as a creative alternative to Alli. Or if England are chasing a game and he comes on for one of less creative midfielders. A player needs a degree of form behind him to be a starter, something Wilshire doesn't have. Playing him from the bench initially would be the more logical approach opposed to simply throwing him into the starting eleven and hoping for the best.
Not that shocking is it? Torres maybe, but the other two have hardly had great seasons.

Costa was decent second half of the season once Hiddink took over. Still well short of his best, but certainly a vast improvement to the overweight and unfit version that begun the season.
Taking 3 CB's is a poor decision, particularly when already lacking quality in the position. One genuine injury and it puts a lot of pressure on the remaining two to stay healthy and not get suspended.

Wilshire was always going to go, undeservingly so though. On paper he may be their best midfielder but the game isn't played on paper and he barely makes it onto the pitch. Can't see him having much of an impact unless he gets more games into him first, 141 minutes of EPL this season (apparently) isn't going to cut it.
You need, far, far more points to beat Real Madrid to the title in Spain than you do in England.

That said, I think Pep will struggle more with City too, but because their team is far shitter than anything he's worked with before rather than because he's a bad manager.

While yes, one would need more points to do that. That's more of a reflection on how lopsided La Liga is though. The only games that a side like Barca needs to really show up for over the course of the year are the games against Real Madrid and Atletico. Beyond that, they're more or less able to cruise through in second or third gear, relying simply on individual quality to get the points needed. Germany is a similar situation too while he's been there.

Pep is going to be in for quite a shock I think and England will really test him. There's more opportunity to drop points, the competition overall is much tougher, and more consistent. Factor that in with the expectations of winning the Champions League (more so if they fail to do it this year), which is really why Pep has been brought in more than anything, it's going to be his biggest challenge to date.
Pep has been successful in monopoly leagues where he's had far away the best side at his fingertips. Going to be a complete change coming the the EPL where the entire league is far stronger across the board and there are no real easy games, like in Spain or Germany. He'll need to make sure his side shows up week after week, something he's not ever had to do yet. This will be his biggest challenge yet.
LOL Sp*rs.

Honesty, losing the title is never a nice feeling but all things considered, I'd rather see it being lost to Ranieri and Leicester than anyone else. Tottenham really cocked it up though, won't get a better chance than this I dare say for awhile. One would expect Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool to all be better next season.
Sad news with Marchisio doing his knee and missing the rest of the season and the Euro's. Big blow for Juventus also, really makes that midfield tick and certainly missed him after he went off at Palermo, even if 4 goals were scored.

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If it goes down to the final game of the season I'm sure Chelsea will do the honourable thing and make sure Leicester beat them so Spurs can't win the league.
Liverpool, jammy c*nts as usual. Hopefully Sevilla win it or a third time, would be quite a feat. Not that I ultimately care either way, just if Liverpool win we'll never hear the bloody end of it.
Copping Deftones new album at the moment, not too bad on first listen. Definitely nothing that tops White Pony though.
What a surprise to see all the fuss being made over Marcelo's dive, yet not boo about UEFA's loved Barca and Suarez harnessing his inner Daniel Larusso.
Unsurprising to see a Barca player not being sent off for worse and benefiting from officials. Suarez's kick was far more worthy of a sending off than Torres' second yellow, which was incredibly soft.
On a similar note, which specification(s) of a laptop is most important to play FM? RAM, CPU, etc.?

CPU, as that gives you the processing power.
Hard Drive speed is also important, as if you have a slower HDD then it means read/write times are impacted, somewhat making a top quality CPU being under cut. SSD will give you a performance increase and I imagine laptops will come with these more commonly now?
RAM is important, but only to a degree. You're not going to see any sort of significant performance increase in having 16GB over 8GB, which would be more than enough for FM in general. However, it depends how you play the game as well; i.e. loading all leagues etc. The biggest factor with RAM will be it's speed, similar to that of a HDD. You're better off with say 8GB of RAM that is quicker than 16GB of RAM which is slower, if you want performance.
Personally, I'd stick with another Macbook. The build quality is far superior, as is the smoothness the trackpad etc. You could no doubt get a higher performance Window based laptop for less, but I think the extra you pay for a Macbook is worth it.

I run a Late 2013 13" Retina and it loads up FM fine (I do untick the Retina display option in FM settings for this, having it ticked bogs everything else down and prevents multi-tasking).
ter Stegen's passing is hella average anyway, as is his decision making. Can't wait for when he eventually fucks up and gets closed down 2 yards in front of an open goal and concedes.
Posted the same thing on another forum.

There's a good footballer in there, but he clearly needs someone to smack him around the ears and tell him he's being a silly twat. Not sure a big money move will massively help, but you imagine Mourinho/Van Gaal/Conte etc.. would coach that out of him within days.

Had he moved in the summer he'd be a better footballer already. He's been rather poor this season and as I had expected, a lot of that will have been down to the hype and interest he had generated with Chelsea trying to sign him. That's clearly rattled him and he's not looked remotely as confident as he did last season. Playing alongside someone like Terry would have addressed a number of these issues too, as would have a competent manager in general.

As I mentioned after the Germany game, England's defence is absolutely woeful.
England's defence is woeful though and probably the biggest concern.

Smalling is average and lacks an ounce of brain between his ears.
Cahill has also been average but is the only defender England have with genuine top class experience.
Clyne is defensively poor, particularly with his awareness and positioning. Most effective on the front foot when he's afforded room to run forward.
Rose has promise and was probably England's best defender, but will he be reliable enough against genuine quality he's not really faced before?

Then there isn't a whole lot to consider that were out of the squad. What was once England's biggest strength has seen the quality diminish drastically in that department.

What a corker by Vardy though, him and Kane need to play, as does Alli. Arguably England's best 3 players at present.
Worst scenario would be final game of the season Chelsea needs to win for a CL place, but in doing so it would mean Spurs or Arsenal win the league.

Really hoping Leicester pick up a few more wins over the next few games. They've got a pretty good run in until the final 3 games of the season, so hopefully able to clinch it by then.