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Footygamer Comments

The database on the site reflects FM from the 20.4 update
What about the ups and downs of the 1st, 2nd and Portugal Championship?

Are they in the 20.4 FM Update?
@qwaz Does it happen even if you use the "Send PM" link to the left of someones post?
@qwaz is this still happening for you? What browser are you using?
Thank you very much Rob,problem fixed

No Worries
I can't download last 4 uploaded packs,I get this standard message when upload is ultra fresh

What's the URL of the page you're seeing this message on?
If i pay as a guest on paypal will I still be charged yearly, or will it just be for one year?

It's a subscription so yearly, but you can cancel anytime
This possibly sounds like an issue with the Paypal website if you were clicking cancel on there and nothing was happening?
Purchased premium on Nov 21, 2019, not showing that I ever did and asking me to subscribe again.

Thanks for any help.

Hey this usually means you have two accounts and you're logging in with a different email address to the one you signed up with.

Can you PM me your paypal email address?
@schweigi great to see this active again. Would you be interested in having a special section where you can better manage this pack rather than just one topic?
It's just that those of us on Steam were given no choice about upgrading to 20.4, so we're missing out on all of the updates of the last 45 days or so.

I'm not sure what you mean? The data update should work with 20.4, are you saying it doesn't?
@krissmed what's the program for? Generating faces?

I wonder if it would work doing a face in the game type thing. I figure we could get a few thousand.

Just also looked at age progression stuff, i.e. if we could age all 20 year olds 10 years and deage all 30 year old 10 years it'd be like getting 100,000s of new faces
I have contact with Eugene and he's helped with some stuff before.

I'll contact him.

Haha machine learning/AI has the potential to escalate very quickly, i'd be surprised if you could keep it to $1
The cuts can be hosted at an external site to limit the bandwidth usage and the site would just be used to generate a config.

Would training an AI based on the cutout requests and other sites like transfermakt be possible with a mid-range desktop?

Almost the same as fmxml then, right? The only difference being that it works for regens rather than pre-existing players? Does this take ethnicity, age, etc. into account?

It would need to get data from the game so slightly different from fmxml.

And training an AI you'd use something like AWS (Amazon Web Services) rather than your personal desktop. I'm not sure on the costs involved.
I imagine what you would need is a massive collection of images hosted on our servers tagged as different ages and ethnicities.

Then each individual who wants to use the pack would upload their personal csv of regen ids/age/ethnicities and then a config.xml would be generated.

An alternative might be a program that works on your computer and you just download the images once then the program generates a config.xml based on the regens in your game and the images you've downloaded (the images would come with a config stating age/ethnicity etc).

One of the problems with this is that the regens will be different in every single game, so if you have two or three saved games going you'd have to swap out the configs all the time.
@Footygamer Great - presume it will just display as 20.4.0 in the data update section of the website?

**Edit - it’s showing as 20.3 still?

Do we know how many changes there were in 20.4?

I wouldn't want to wipe the whole the data update if there's only minimal changes.
The problems with letters should have been fixed now
Maybe credit us and link to our site everywhere you uploaded this?
Hmm itll be related to me uploading 20.4 dB today. I'll look to get it fixed
Any news or a timeline as to when we can anticipate the 20.4 data file to be added? - sorry to chase.

20.4 should be in now
Hi guys, downloading the metallic logo megapack and wanted to know in which order I should unzip these files, I'm kind of confused by the order.

Any help would be much appreciated

Files presented as follows:

depositfiles.com - Part 1 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v4_changes.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 2 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v3_changes.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 3 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v2_changes.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 4 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 5 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 6 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 7 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 8 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 9 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 10 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.rar
depositfiles.com - Part 11 - metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.rar

The file should be called metallic_logos_fm2020_v1.part1.rar and that will open all the rest labelled "v1"

After that you can merge in the changes
Hi guys,

Not sure where to post this.

I bought the game yesterday through the shop on the site.

However, I have not received any email with code or anything yet.

Anyone have any help with this?


Hey i've PM'd you, codes should now have gone out, we had a slight internal problem
Hi @Footygamer
I purchased FM 2020 a few hours ago, my status reads as completed but my steam code is still pending. How long will this take and can you sort it out for me? If its going to take too long id rather cancel and buy direct from steam.

Hey, so sorry about that, it looks like we had some internal issues but it's been resolved now and you should have just received your code.
Unfortunately not, FM 2020 Touch and FM20 are different games
Yo, I paid for Premium Membership yesterday. But when I checked the "Premium Membership" status, it says "Awaiting Payment" even though the money had already left my account yesterday.

Hey it looks like you paid through something called an echeck which means it takes 6 business days for your bank to release the money. I've activated you now and assume the payment will come through eventually.
FM has always followed real life events and scheduling, most notably with Brexit and the Qatar World Cup being moved.

It seems like the whole football calendar is going to get totally messed up for the next 12 months and I'm wondering how FM is going to handle it.

It could be really fun and interesting to play through, especially if leagues take on different formats and sizes for a season or two.

If the game starts in July 2020 as normal you may even find yourself starting a career playing the final few games of the 2020 season.

On the other hand I worry that this would all take so much planning, testing and coding that we risk getting nothing new in FM21 other than the updated schedules. I can only imagine the amount of bugs that would occur from clashing schedules and moving transfer windows.

What do you guys think? Would it be better for SI to just ignore it all together or should they try and replicate real life exactly at is stands in July 2020 when the game starts.
yes, apologies I just haven't had the time
@Footygamer it seems apart from not activating these accounts/ and or banning we cant delete their accounts it looks like only you can do this ?

Our CMS doesn't have the ability to delete accounts unfortunately.

However we also don't hold any personal information other than emails and are only required to pseudonymize usernames and remove emails, which every user is capable of doing themselves