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Footygamer Comments
Any chance of some help?

Sorry for the delay I've been struggling to get online!

You should have been refunded now
It's a subscription so yeah it will come out automatically each year, but you can cancel straight away and it won't
Hey @FirePumpkin5762 I found yours and refunded it
Yeah I can do, it's not in a releasable state right now because I was doing lots of trial and error and I haven't touched it over a month so don't know when i'll get a chance to look at it again

I have used other browsers to to get the screenshot and the same thing happens.

Thanks for uploading the example, i've fixed the issue now (it was looking for "x days holiday" instead of "1 day holiday", it would appear you're the first person to ever upload with only one day of holiday
Oh the FM18 won't work with FM19.

Literally no idea, i've got it to work other than the fact that it will always start on the most recent Monday, which breaks things if its got results for days past Monday. The game might be hard coded to force that.
I've been trying to get it working for FM19 over the Christmas period but haven't succeeded unfortunately.

What version are you trying to use it with, FM18?
Oh sorry my mistake. I'll PM you upload instructions later today
Can you attach the stats html file here?

«This comment has been edited»

It works in the full game with the majority of custom skins just not the default skin.

But the sizes are too small for desktop no?
Afraid not, it's still timing out.

Ah sorry. I'll set up an alternative.

This is just for FM Touch right?
@geordie1981 can you try again? Max size should be 2GB now.
I think 1gb is the limit i'll have to check. That's megapack levels so we normally get megapack users to FTP it.
It's because you have a premium subscription for sortitoutsi from last year, i've cancelled it now
Yeah sorry I can't find any orders from your account other than premium.

If you've used it with steam before it should 100% appear in your games list.
Paypal would have done that rather than us, it just means a payment failed (maybe an expired card or something like that).

Unfortunately we don't have any information to help us know why it would have been cancelled since its all handled by Paypal.
Replied to your pm now
Is this still happening? It looks fine for me.
Are you able to give the unique id of a league so I can look into it?

Are you able to find the league through the search? https://sortitoutsi.net/search/database
You do need to download all files and then extract the first one and it will open then all. It's just one file split.
I'm being constantly bombarded with 'we can't renew your membership' emails today, and I coulkdn't see a way to update my PayPal details for Soirtitoutsi.
Cancelled my authourised payment to see if that would help. i.e. Make me able to create a new payment. But sadly this hasn't solved the issue.

There's another email now.

I'd renew for another year, I just can't.

Ah man i'm so sorry about, there was a big issue with the servers communicating with paypal today and some things happened 10 times and some things didn't happen at all. So you may have got mass emails.

That shouldn't happen again, but please accept my apologies.
Sorry our server has an error please allow 30-60 minutes it's being fixed right now
Hey guys, does anyone know why the sortitoutsi database pages (pages like this: https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2019/team/642/crystal-palace) are not completely updated yet. Also, when will the database pages be updated?

What's not up to date about it?
Hi ive bought the game but how do i download the Beta. i cannot see any actication code

We had a temporary issue which you may been caught up in. It should now be resolved.

Please visit this page and the code and instructions should be shown at the top: https://sortitoutsi.net/shop
Hi John,
I pre ordered FM19 from you back in September have downloaded and am playing FM19 Beta via Steam
Will the Official FM2019 CD ftom Sortitouts be sent out in the post to me on Friday please?
Many thanks

Sorry we're unable to provide CD's.
Hey guys we've dropped the price of FM19 even further for today (31st October) and tomorrow (1st November) only

Order Here: https://sortitoutsi.net/shop/product/9/football-manager-2019

GBP £37.99 £29.65 (22% discount)

EUR €54.99 €42.28 (23% discount)

USD $49.99 $46.21 (8% discount)

AUD $79.99 $67.02 (16% discount)

£2 from each sale go towards helping sortitoutsi keep running

Sorry that the discount isn't as good outside the UK and the price is insane for Australia, I have absolutely no control over the base price


You must have completed the order before 23:59pm November 1st.

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@Tania Murphy Paypal attempts to take the payment multiple times before failing completely and your subscription stays active until paypal gives up taking the payment which is why it has stayed active even past the date.

I think Paypal tries once a week for 3 weeks? I forget. But it's not something we have control over, your payment methods within paypal will be out of date or something which is why they're failing. I'm sorry I can't access your paypal account in order to be more helpful or specific than that.
What happened with the non-playable leagues? I remember I was used to see them, but right now I can't find it.

Sorry it's because I added a bunch of reserve leagues and it got really messy so I hid non-playable ones.

I'll look how else to fix it
I couldn't help but notice you didn't include Hudson-Odoi or Ampadu? Even Reece James and Redan and perhaps some others too. At first I thought maybe it's because they haven't played enough games for the Chelsea senior team then I noticed you included Tahith Chong and Foden? And dozen others who maybe I don't really know. I need to know why. As Odoi was remarkable last season getting double figures in both goals and assists and has been class when he's played for Chelsea. Ampadu is also a popular figure in Chelsea as he's played a couple of games and proven his worth. They're both highly rated and valued by Chelsea and have proven to be elite players for the future so I don't understand the reason behind ommiting them? Please kindly explain. Thank you

Hudson-Odoi is in there now Officially in the data he does have a worse PA than Tahith Chong.

Is there any chance that this shortlist could be exported into a downloadable file for importing into the game?

Working on it
If you click where it says "sortitoutsi" at the top you can quickly jump to parent forums