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A new version of our data update was released with 246651 changes from 785 contributors.
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Cass8 commented on: SS Fantasy Kits ONLY Thread (NO REAL KITS)
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A new version of our data update was released with 246653 changes from 785 contributors.
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Footygamer Comments
Sorry @therightway I thought we were discussing via PM, but it was someone to else. Sorting this now.
I've doubled the number of servers we have hosting downloads for this month (we spread across different servers and you're assigned one randomly each time you download).

Hopefully this resolves it
Hello - I have an account with a different name, but after clearing chrome data can't log back into it and the email account died years ago.

I can tell you the approximate name and the email address in PM if the option exists.

As it auto-renews the fee I'm keen to resolve.


Yes please PM me with what you think your old email address and username was
Do you possibly have two accounts? And can you PM me your PayPal email so I can try and find the transaction
Can you pm me your PayPal email address? This usually happens because people accidentally have two accounts.
The code is for Mexico, i've sent you another code via PM now.
Can you visit https://sortitoutsi.net/shop it should be displayed at the top of the page
Hey it looks like a bunch got stuck in a queue, I've hopefully fixed it now.

Very sorry for the inconvenience please reply and tag me if you're still having issues.
The FM20 database is now available to be browsed on sortitoutsi.net

We will continue updating and improving it until the full version is out.

@FMfutbolManager it looks like you have two accounts, discussing with you in PM

«This comment has been edited»
Hey sorry I was away last week.

Just refunding you one of these payments now.
No sorry it was too difficult to keep it up to date, we'll be concentrating on FM19 and FM20 from now on.

I want to subscribe with PayPal but it doesn’t work because i don’t have a creditcard linked to it because I don’t have one. I’m from Belgium, has it something to do with that?

I could also send the money directly to your PayPal and can you activate it manually? Thanks in advance!

Hey if you want to do the manual thing, just pm me

Otherwise I think it is a European thing, although normally that's only a problem for german accounts.

I purchased premium membership back in March 2019 and it worked back then but right now it isn't showing I'm a premium member. Could you please help and reactivate my membership?

Thank you

It doesn't look like you ever had membership with this account, this usually happens because you may have more than one account under two different email addresses. If you pm me your paypal email address I can look into it more

I've been using the Custom Start Date for FM19

It's a great add-on, but it seems that the data update has an error. The 2019 xml file 'Reduced Player Contracts', has all staff contracts set to end 30/11/32766.

Can this be fixed somehow without having to change them myself one by one? And why is it like this in the first place?

This was fixed in so far as the dates have been removed, but it means Staff no longer have reduced contracts, this is because the data we have extracted from the game is incomplete or inaccurate
Kompany change disabled and done manually in the file "Base File - New Players and Staff (sortitoutsi.net Data Update).xml"
When you say the file extension is " xml " is that a typo or are you saying there are spaces in the file name of the file you downloaded?

Can you provide a screenshot of the error?
You can change it yourself My Account > Account Settings in the sidebar
Hi Guys,
first of all - i love your work!
For now i have some question.

I have a new netbook so i need to download a new megapack. I also buy a premium membership in november 2018 with paypal.
Now do i need a new spend of 10 GBP? EverytimeI want to download the system wanted me to buy n new membership.

Thx & greetings

Hey do you possibly have two accounts, one with premium and one without? It doesn't look like you've ever made a purchase on this account.
Is this the entire megapack? It would be good to get the main megapack under the graphics section updated rather than being less visible in the downloads section.
found that something strange still happens when clicking on this team (Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami UID= 72052048)


I did as many as I could automate some will need to be done manually I think
Fixed those issues with wages and teams not displaying.
When were the final changes to the 19.3 made active in the official update?

Surely it makes sense to go back over the changes that were submitted the past few weeks and compare against 19.3?

The official update was Friday. It would make sense to do that you're right and in past years I have. Unfortunately I didn't have the time tonight and not sure I will this week. I'll try my best.

It's a bit of a tedious task to get right.
The FM2019 Database on the site has now been updated with FM19 data and the data update has been reset.

So if you spot any errors in the 19.3 update to the game please submit them and continue building our amazing data update!
how can i change data update file 19 from xml to fmf?
Please help

You'll need to import it into the data editor and then save it.
Any chance of some help?

Sorry for the delay I've been struggling to get online!

You should have been refunded now
It's a subscription so yeah it will come out automatically each year, but you can cancel straight away and it won't